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How to Help Recover From Trauma - A Blueprint for Healing

How to Help Recover From Trauma - A Blueprint for Healing

Recovery and post-traumatic growth, a possibility for transformation
Are We Really Stronger in the Broken Places? article

"You're not just getting by anymore. The work that you've done on your healing journey has created the possibility of transformation beyond what levels of health you've had in the past.

“And this is your physical health, your mental health, emotional health. You are a better person than you've ever been before." Aimie Apigian

"We now call this post traumatic growth, this possibility of transformation..." James Gordon

Dr. Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH is a Preventive Medicine physician and founder of Trauma Healing Accelerated. James Gordon, MD is founder and CEO of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

This Creative Mind Audio is most of a Biology of Trauma Podcast episode: “A Blueprint for Healing: Lessons From A Pioneer in Mind-Body Medicine” by Dr. Apigian, interviewing Dr. Gordon.

Aimie Apigian, James Gordon, Biology of Trauma Podcast

From her page for the episode:

"What you’ll learn in this episode:

What are the Three P's of for an effective approach to trauma

The most serious biological consequence of trauma

How realizing trauma is a Universal Experience helps us with our healing

How do we create the possibility of transformation and Post-Traumatic Growth

Why we need to be intentional in our own healing

Dr. Gordon: “People who are dealing with stored trauma are often so shut down. I think long term the consequences of the freeze response and the consequences of being in situations that are overwhelming and inescapable are often enough repeated.

"Or they’re prolonged over a period of time that causes a freeze response which can have the most serious biological consequence. Partly, because it's so disabling, and it removes us from the capacity to feel.

"When it's prolonged over time it shuts us off from life, our own life, and the life all around us.” ~

{Image for this page is from article: Are We Really Stronger in the Broken Places? By Jen - "Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese tradition of repairing broken pottery with a strong, sealing bond that is mixed with gold, silver, or platinum...It exemplifies the way that healing our broken places allows us to emerge from darkness stronger and more beautiful."}

Free guide: The Essential Sequence - How to Release Stored Trauma by Dr. Apigian.

See video and more resources by Dr. Aimie Apigian below:


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