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How a vibration wearable device can reduce stress, improve sleep and more

How a vibration wearable device can reduce stress, improve sleep and more

Julie Bjelland, Dave Rabin, Ragga Ragnars

A number of wearable devices can help improve our physical and emotional health. In this audio, several people talk about the Apollo Neuro device, starting with Psychotherapist Julie Bjelland.

She comments that highly sensitive people have a "unique and deep sensitivity to our surroundings and emotions, which grants us numerous strengths, including heightened empathy and creativity.

"However, this sensitivity and intense emotional responses to stressors can leave us more vulnerable to anxiety and reduced resilience."

She recalls a stressful construction project in her home, and how the Apollo device "reduced my anxiety and helped me feel calmer."

Dr Dave Rabin, a psychiatrist, neuroscientist, inventor, and cofounder of Apollo Neuro, comments that "the human body is amazing, adaptive and powerful, but it is not designed for the way we live."

Kathryn Fantauzzi, CEO and co-founder of Apollo Neuroscience, explains more about their wearable device: "It sends a signal to your brain that says 'Hey, this email is not going to kill you, the traffic is not actually going to hurt you'.

"And you have this moment of pause in the same way that you have in a moment of pause when you meditate or when you deep breathe, but in the moment that you need it and without you having to do anything."

Her comments (and some other people) in the last section of this Creative Mind Audio podcast episode are from this video:


Ragga Ragnars, an actress and Olympic swimmer (at far right in the image at top), says "I use my Apollo throughout the day to help me relax, focus or get into social situations.

"In the evening I use it to prepare myself for sleep...My heart rate variability (HRV) has increased as well as my deep sleep and rem sleep.

"How do I know all this? Because I pair my Apollo with my Oura Ring. Tracking my health and sleep with Oura, while using my Apollo has been a game changer."

[From an Apollo Instagram reel; quotes not included in this podcast episode.]


Therapist Karindy Ong comments about using an Apollo wearable device to help an autistic patient, and her aunt:

"Just sharing one use-case for the Apollo Neuro in Speech Therapy sessions. I share how I used this device to help a patient manage the stress of triggering sounds (babies crying) to stay present on the session and not run, his typical response to the sound.

"This can be helpful if you have a loved one who is at risk for elopement or aggression when overwhelmed by external stimulation. It helps regulate autonomic function so the body can modulate how inputs affect homeostasis.

"Taking my aunt to a Neuro appointment and she is wearing it to help her feel supported and calm even though these appointments can feel intimidating."

Karindy Ong, M.A., CCC-SLP, is a Myofunctional Speech-Language Pathologist, CFT Practitioner. This is a copy of her Instagram reel, shared to the Apollo Neuro Instagram site.

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